Real Estate Newsletter: Housing Market Continues to Cool – Los Angeles Times | Wordy Zone

Welcome back to the real estate newsletter. This week’s stories showcased the wide variety of Southern California real estate, from a 64-square-foot tiny home to a 1.5-million-square-foot mall. But first, let’s start with the market itself, which continued to cool for the fourth straight month. In August, Southern California home sales were down 28.3% year … Read more

How long do recessions last? when are they over -Forbes | Wordy Zone

| Getty Images The central theses Recessions occur when economic output, consumer demand and employment are adversely affected. Modern recessions typically last 10 months. The Great Recession lasted about 18 months, although its economic impact lasted for years. In December 2007, the US entered the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Commonly known as … Read more

Investment firm’s CIO says housing market is stable – Business Insider | Wordy Zone

Sean Bill believes the housing market will remain strong due to tight supply. The American homeowner is also in a strong position due to low debt and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. He says high interest rates will discourage homeowners from selling their homes to buy new ones. As the Fed continues to raise lending rates to … Read more

Crypto Home Sales Are Officially Here, But Will They Last? -Forbes | Wordy Zone

With the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009 and subsequent blockchain currencies, talk of crypto real estate immediately followed, albeit with muffled murmurs. Fast forward to today, and stories of seven-figure crypto real estate transactions have rocked the industry. As with any burgeoning technology – especially one that promises revolutionary changes – there are believers and … Read more

Proposal 4: Juneau voters will decide whether to repeal mandatory home price disclosure — KTOO | Wordy Zone

A sign marks a home that was recently sold on North Douglas Highway in Juneau June 30, 2022. City ordinances require the buyer to disclose the sale price to the city appraiser’s office, although a real estate industry-backed group wants to repeal the ordinances. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO) This question asks voters to reverse … Read more

Dianne Crocker: Recession fears push housing market forecasts to reset – | Wordy Zone

The lyrics to the Talking Heads’ “Same As It Ever Was” certainly don’t fit how 2022 is playing out in the commercial real estate market. Two quarters of negative economic growth have dampened market sentiment and raised fears that the US economy is headed for recession. In the middle of the year, market analysts took … Read more

As 30-year mortgage rates hit 6.7%, homebuyers face a ‘payment shock’. Here are ways to save – CNBC | Wordy Zone

Noel Hendrickson/Getty Images Despite signs of a slowdown in the housing market, homebuyers are still feeling the sting of elevated prices and higher interest rates. According to Mortgage News Daily, the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage on Friday is 6.7%, up from 3.3% at the start of 2022. Alongside this, home prices … Read more

Commercial real estate, apart from office space, has defied pandemic expectations in the Denver metro area – but for how long? – The Denver Post | Wordy Zone

The pandemic has shaken commercial real estate markets to the core, creating more demand in some areas, like industrials, and destroying others, like office space. But 30 months after the first lockdown orders were issued, not all the dire predictions have come true. Take the rebound in demand for retail space, which is far tighter … Read more

DC Homebuyers, Finally Some Good News in the Housing Market – Washingtonian | Wordy Zone

When Amy Thomas and her husband Navendu Shekhar — homeowners in Chevy Chase DC’s Barnaby Woods neighborhood — started house hunting in earnest in January, they fell in love with a $1.4 million home that received 16 offers and was sold for $2.2 million. “The bidding wars caused panic,” says Thomas, who works in human … Read more